Welcome to my website everyone from all nations. This website i have created for those who are wanting to share their stories of trauma of stalking, gang stalking, physical and emotional abuse from ex-partner, rape,child abuse anything that has caused you or maybe some you know of who has experienced something in their lives that has affected him/her traumatically.

My website is safe place for people who are afraid talk about their experiences. I am a survivor of sexual assault and gang stalking. I don’t regard myself as a victim, no i am a survivor because i am still standing with my head held high. I believe we are all survivors from a traumatic incident in our lives, to many people are not listening to our cries for help. So I’m here to listen.  I’m here to help and support anyone who is looking for guidance to find ways to be able to cope and try to live a normal life again.  Because i have.

Don’t be afraid.  It wasn’t your fault

It’s ok to talk about what happened

It’s ok to ask for help





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